Creative and Beautiful DIY Christmas craft ideas for 2024

Christmas tree shelf decoration


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Get two large boards and cut them into triangles for the tree shapes. Sand the boards for safety and paint or cover them as desired. Decorate with well-spaced themed ornaments, securing them firmly. Wrap the greenery or garland from the top, securing with wire or ties. Optionally, add lights by wrapping them around the board before the greenery. Finish with tinsel, ribbons, or a star on top, ensuring stability and safety with lights.


image source: Slike Za vasu Dusu

You will need these materials to make this :

Wooden planks or boards for the frame and shelves.

Wood glue or screws for assembling the frame.

Sandpaper to smooth the wood.

Paint or stain the wood, if desired.

Christmas ornaments, such as baubles, beads, and any other decorative items.

A small wooden reindeer or any other decorative piece for the shelf.

Strong adhesive or hooks to attach the ornaments to the frame.


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Plan the size and design of your tree shelf. Cut your wood to size for the outer triangle and the shelves inside. Assemble the triangular outer frame using wood glue and/or screws. Ensure it’s sturdy and stable. Measure and cut additional wood planks to fit inside the triangle as shelves. Attach these horizontally at the desired heights. Sand all surfaces to remove splinters and rough edges. Then paint or stain the wood as desired and let it dry completely.

Set a decorative piece, like the reindeer in the image, on one of the shelves to act as a focal point.

Add any additional decorations to the shelves or around the frame. You can also add lights or garland for extra festivity

This piece can stand alone as a holiday decoration, and you can customize it to your preferred size and color scheme. The open shelf allows for an additional decorative element, making it a versatile piece for the holiday season.

Dried Fruit Christmas Tree


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To create a charming, homemade Christmas tree, start with a cardboard cone and decorate it with evergreen sprigs, wood slices, dried orange or lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, and star anise. Use cardboard stars or dried starfruit slices for an extra twist, and place small bags filled with these elements around the base. Secure each layer with a ribbon.

For rustic candles, gather various-sized branches or logs. Saw them into different lengths to resemble candles. Use a thicker piece for the base to ensure stability. Stack the cut pieces to mimic a bunch of candles, securing them with glue. Decorate with string, wooden hearts, or stars. Attach craft paper or thin wood flames on top. Optionally, varnish the wood for durability.

Rustic candles


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Christmas festive ornament

Start with a wooden plank for the base and a taller piece for the backdrop, possibly attached at a right angle. Create a star-shaped outline using a flexible material like wire, and fix this to the top of the backdrop. You may need tools to bend the wire accurately and fasteners to secure it to the wood. Adorn the star with additional decorative elements such as glittery stars and hanging red baubles. These can be attached using wire or strong glue. At the base, arrange a combination of Christmas greens like pine or fir branches. Add in artificial berries, small pine cones, or any other festive elements. These can be secured into a foam block if needed for stability. Place extra accents like the white snowflake branches and a snowman figurine amongst the greenery for a more varied and lively look. Assemble all the components on the wooden base, securing them with glue, wire, or nails depending on what holds best. Add a touch of artificial snow spray or white paint for a wintry effect if desired.


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little pinecone Gnomes


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Collect pinecones and clean them. Create hats from fabric or felt and attach them to the top of the pinecones. Use wooden beads or buttons for the nose, affixing them to the pinecone. Cut strings for the legs and attach them to the bottom of the pinecone. Paint small wooden pieces to look like shoes and tie them to the ends of the strings. Optionally, add embellishments like belts or arms as desired. These are quite simple and fun to make, and you can personalize them with different colors and accessories.

Flower pot Santa clause and Mrs. Santa clause


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Paint large flower pots for the bodies with designs resembling Santa and Mrs. Claus’s outfits Paint smaller pots for the heads with faces, and invert them on top of the body pots. Create hats from fabric or paper flowers and place them on the head pots. Use small pots or painted wooden pieces for the legs and attach them to the bottom of the body pots. Craft arms from felt or painted wood and attach them to the sides of the body pots. Finish by adding any additional decorations, like belts, buttons, or glasses. These are fun holiday projects that can be customized with various materials and designs.


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Start with a sturdy ring base, which can be made from metal, foam, or wrapped in Add small red baubles, berries, and pine cones among the greenery for a pop of color. rope as shown. Attach a large red bow to the top of the ring. Decorate around one part of the ring with greenery like pine sprigs, holly, or fir. Hang additional baubles and decorative items from the bottom of the ring in a cascading manner. Secure all elements with floral wire or hot glue to ensure they stay in place. This festive wreath combines traditional Christmas colors and elements, creating a decorative piece perfect for a door or wall during the holiday season.

Christmas candle holder


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Start with a circular base, which can be a slice of wood or a sturdy coaster Cut branches or logs into small, even slices and arrange them on the base to form a half-circle or fan shape. Secure the wood slices onto the base with strong glue. Insert one or more candle holders into the wood arrangement and ensure they are fixed upright. Decorate around the wood slices with festive items like red berries, pinecones, sprigs of evergreen, and other red decorations to contrast the wood. Place red taper candles into the holders.

This arrangement combines natural wood elements with traditional Christmas colors and decor, suitable for a festive table setting.


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Collect various sizes of wood slices. Arrange the slices into a snowflake pattern on a flat surface. Use wood glue to attach the slices where they touch. Hang the decoration from a mantel or wall, as shown in the picture, often with additional greenery for a festive look.

This natural, rustic ornament can add a charming touch to holiday decor

Reindeer ornament.


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Take a wooden block or box as the base. Paint or attach a brown paper face to one side of the block Create eyes using white paint or paper, with smaller black circles for pupils, and attach them. Use a red pom-pom or painted wooden bead for the nose. Attach brown fabric or felt for the ears and antlers. Add yarn or twine for the hair, gluing it to the top of the block. Decorate with a small holly berry cluster near the antlers. Attach a small bell or ornament at the bottom center of the block. This craft can be a fun project to do with kids and adds a playful touch to holiday decorations.

Gnome with the frame


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Paint an empty picture frame for a vintage look. a faux fur or yarn beard inside the frame under the hat. Place a wooden bead below the hat for the nose. Create fabric legs with stuffed boots and attach them to the frame’s bottom. Customize with different colors and textures as desired.

Rustic wall ladder


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Assemble sticks into a ladder shape and secure them. Attach pine cones with twine for decoration. Drape pearls or beads for embellishment of a fabric heart with twine. Add rustic details like bows and dried flowers as finishing touches. Add rustic details like bows and dried flowers as finishing touches.

Flower pot snowman


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Paint a pot white and let it dry. Fill the pot with your choice of flowers. Add a face to the pot using glue or temporary adhesives for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Put a small black hat on top. Tie a red scarf or fabric around the top of the pot. This is an easy and enjoyable holiday craft.

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