How to dress for Winter Like a French girl

In the heart of Paris, as winter embraces the city, French girls transform the streets into a runway of elegance and sophistication. With an innate sense of style that blends modern flair with timeless classics, they navigate the cooler temperatures in an array of chic ensembles. Picture this: neutral palettes, impeccably tailored trench coats, and sumptuous cashmere sweaters, a signature of Parisian fashion.

As you stroll through the lively Parisian cafés or explore the myriad of enchanting art museums, you’ll notice the Persian influence in their fashion choices. When the mercury drops, French girls wrap themselves in luxurious coats, embodying a sense of understated and refined luxury. Despite the ever-changing trends, they remain loyal to their beloved classics – faux fur and wool coats that have become winter staples on the streets of Paris.


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The ensemble showcases a glamorous tweed jacket with metallic or sequin details, paired with a black skirt and a light blouse, accented with a logo belt for a designer touch. To tailor it for French winter fashion, layer a knit turtleneck beneath the jacket, add opaque tights under the skirt, and finish with ankle or knee-high boots. Accessorize with a leather handbag, minimal jewelry, and a scarf, maintaining the outfit’s chic and simple elegance.

These coats are not flashy in color; they speak in hushed tones of brown, black, and beige, dominating the winter street styles with their muted elegance. Whether planning a winter journey to Paris or seeking inspiration for a Persian-influenced wardrobe, these style cues offer a timeless guide for dressing in the City of Light during the colder months.

for a taste of Parisian chic this winter, remember: that sophistication lies in simplicity and timeless elegance. Embrace the elegance of a long black coat and the warmth of cashmere sweaters, essential for a winter wardrobe that’s as crisp as the air. Discover the must-haves for French-inspired fashion, along with personal favorites, to embody Parisian chic this winter.


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This chic outfit blends classic French elegance with contemporary flair. The timeless houndstooth coat and plush turtleneck sweater provide warmth and style. A crisp white skirt offers a fresh contrast, while sleek knee-high boots complete this sophisticated, winter-ready Parisian look.


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This outfit epitomizes French winter chic with a striking red plaid coat and a sleek black dress. Complemented by stylish knee-high boots and classic accessories, it’s an ideal blend of warmth and Parisian elegance.


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This outfit features a chic pink tweed blazer with contrasting black lapels — a playful yet sophisticated piece that echoes the Parisian penchant for blending classic and contemporary elements. Paired with a black mini skirt, polka dot tights, and leather gloves, it offers a modern take on French winter fashion. The beret adds a quintessential French touch, making it a fashionable and functional choice for a stylish winter in the city.


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This ensemble features an elegant, cream-colored coat with golden buttons, layered over a black turtleneck, creating a sophisticated contrast. The patterned mini skirt adds a trendy yet classic touch, embodying the French flair for incorporating iconic prints into modern looks. Paired with knee-high boots and a textured bag, the outfit is a perfect blend of Parisian elegance and contemporary style, ideal for making a fashionable statement in the winter season.


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This stylish outfit pairs a red tweed blazer with a black turtleneck and trousers, cinched at the waist with a designer belt for a touch of French elegance. The look is completed with oversized sunglasses and red lipstick, creating a modern yet classic French chic aesthetic.


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This pink tweed skirt suit embodies classic French elegance, perfect for milder winter days. Its tailored fit and feminine appeal align with the chic and functional style of French winter fashion.


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The outfit is a chic and playful mix of French fashion staples: a houndstooth blazer for timeless elegance, a vibrant pink turtleneck for a splash of color, and a neutral skirt to balance the look. A checked cap adds a whimsical touch, completing this stylish winter ensemble.


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This ensemble features a vibrant pink coat over a matching turtleneck, paired with a green houndstooth skirt for a striking contrast. It’s a bold yet elegant take on French winter fashion, completed with a stylish handbag.


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This outfit blends a burgundy turtleneck with a buttoned denim skirt, accessorized with a leopard print bag and matching hat, capturing the effortless style of French spring fashion with its lighter layers and vibrant patterns.


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This winter outfit is a bold combination of classic and statement pieces. It features a tartan coat layered over a black turtleneck and pleated skirt, accessorized with a designer belt and bag. It fits the French winter fashion aesthetic with its chic layering, rich patterns, and luxe accessories, perfect for a fashionable yet cozy look.


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This chic outfit features a patterned tweed jacket and white turtleneck, paired with denim and accented by a designer belt and red handbag. It’s perfect for the French winter-to-spring transition, blending warmth with timeless style.


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This outfit pairs a pink tweed coat with black accents and a white shirt with a black tie for a chic Parisian look, finished with black leather shorts for a modern edge, suitable for French winter fashion.


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This outfit is a stylish combination ideal for the French winter. It features a rich burgundy coat that provides both warmth and a pop of color, a classic element in French fashion. The plaid skirt adds a touch of timeless pattern, while the high boots offer practicality and elegance. This ensemble is suitable for French winter with its layered approach and fashion-forward thinking, balancing practical warmth with a chic aesthetic.


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This outfit features a red and black plaid blazer dress, a stylish nod to the classic French love for tweed and patterns, paired with a white turtleneck for extra warmth. Black knee-high boots complete the look, adding elegance and practicality. This ensemble fits the French winter aesthetic perfectly, combining warmth, chic patterns, and timeless style in a contemporary way.


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This chic outfit combines a red fringed tweed jacket and black turtleneck with a red headband and structured bag, perfectly embodying the classic yet bold style of French winter fashion.


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The outfit is a stylish combination that fits well within the French winter fashion ethos. It features a textured, multi-colored tweed jacket with fringe detailing, layered over a soft pink turtleneck sweater for added warmth and a subtle color contrast. The look is accessorized with a black handbag and a velvet hair bow, adding a touch of feminine grace. This blend of textures and the smart use of color layering makes it a perfect match for the chic and sophisticated winter attire often seen on the streets of Paris.


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This chic tweed set with fringed detailing and pearl accents embodies French winter style, offering warmth and elegance, perfect for any sophisticated occasion.


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This outfit is a soft-hued tweed jacket with intricate detailing, paired with a delicate pleated skirt and a white blouse with a bow tie. The light color palette is accented with statement sunglasses and subtle jewelry, creating a refined and feminine look. It fits well with French winter fashion, where elegance and sophistication are key. The tweed material is a staple in French wardrobes for its warmth and style, making it a perfect choice for a chic, yet cozy, winter ensemble.


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This ensemble is a chic mix of a light blue blazer and white shirt with denim, reflecting a smart yet relaxed French winter style, ideal for milder days or indoor settings.


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This outfit showcases a textured light blue blazer with prominent buttons, paired with a neutral top and black trousers. It’s a sophisticated, modern take on classic French fashion, where such structured jackets are a staple for their chic yet functional style. The blazer can provide warmth for indoor events or less chilly days, and its elegant design is in keeping with the French approach to winter dressing: stylish, timeless, and always put-together. It’s an outfit that can seamlessly transition from a day at the office to an evening out, embodying the versatile and fashionable essence of French winter attire.


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The dress in the image appears to be a classic bouclé jacket, which is a style associated with French fashion, particularly reminiscent of the iconic designs by Coco Chanel. This kind of jacket is characterized by its textured fabric, which is typically made from a mix of yarns to give it a looped or knotted appearance. It often features trim and sometimes button details that contrast with the main fabric.

For winter and spring French outfits, this jacket can be quite versatile:


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This outfit combines a classic tweed blazer and mini skirt with a sleek black turtleneck, complemented by knee-high boots and a chic handbag, epitomizing a stylish French winter look that is both warm and fashionable.


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This outfit blends classic French elegance with modern flair, featuring a black turtleneck and plaid skirt under a sophisticated camel coat, finished with sleek over-the-knee boots and a matching tote for a polished winter look.


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This winter outfit is a monochromatic white ensemble consisting of a cozy turtleneck sweater and a matching long knit skirt, paired with a classic beret. The look is accessorized with large sunglasses and a structured handbag, adding a touch of sophistication. This attire embodies the chic, minimalist aesthetic often seen in French winter fashion, where elegance comes from simplicity and comfort. The beret, especially, is a nod to traditional French style, making this outfit well-suited for a fashionable winter in France.


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This outfit is a classic white tweed skirt suit, accented with gold buttons, embodying the timeless elegance often seen in French winter fashion. The suit is both chic and practical for the cooler months, especially when layered appropriately. Paired with a simple, understated bag, it offers a polished and refined look that’s quintessentially French, perfect for a sophisticated winter ensemble.


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