30+ pretty Easy Easter DIY crafts for kids to make

Easter, a delightful harbinger of spring, brings with it an excellent opportunity to indulge in creativity and crafting. As the weather gently warms and nature adorns itself with vibrant blooms, this festive season becomes an ideal time to explore your artistic side.

Imagine transforming your home into a springtime haven, adorned with charming, handmade decorations. You don’t need to worry about special supplies; many of these crafting ideas utilize everyday items, easily found within the cozy confines of your own home or at your local dollar store. It’s a chance to repurpose, reimagine, and reinvent.

Crafting for Easter could include creating colorful paper flowers that never wilt, fashioning cute bunny-themed decorations, or designing elegant egg art that captures the essence of the season. Each craft becomes a joyful celebration of renewal and creativity.


Sock Bunny

image source : Joan

Materials: White sock, stuffing (rice/grain), rubber bands/string, felt/paper (pink/black), burlap ribbon, whiskers (fishing line/wire/string), lace/trim, artificial flowers, glue.


Fill the sock toe with rice to form the bunny’s body and secure it with a rubber band. Add a smaller amount of rice above the body for the head and secure with another rubber band. Create a small tail with the sock’s end and a rubber band. Cut and glue felt/paper for the eyes and nose on the head. Attach whiskers with glue or by securing them inside the sock. Make a bow with burlap ribbon and glue it on the head. Decorate the neck with lace trim as a collar. Adorn with artificial flowers.


Easter Bunny Basket

image source : Ana Lúcia Soares

Get a woven basket. Wrap a decorative ribbon around the basket and add a bow. Create a bunny head with fabric, stuffing it and adding facial features. Attach the head to the basket rim. Make ears from fabric, stiffen them, and attach them to the head. Add matching ribbon accents to the ears and basket. Glue on arms made of stuffed fabric to the sides of the basket.


Fabric Bunny Jar

image source :kiu


A glass jar, Red and white polka-dot fabric, White fabric for the face and arms, Red ribbon, and Lace trim.Black and red embroidery thread or fabric paint for the face, Fabric glue, or a hot glue gun, Stuffing for the arms and facial features

Cover the jar with the polka-dot fabric, securing it with glue. Cut out the white fabric with a bunny face and two arms; stuff them. Attach the face and arms to the jar with glue. Use the embroidery thread or fabric paint to add facial details like eyes, nose, and mouth. Decorate with a red ribbon around the neck and lace trim to create a skirt around the jar. Add any additional embellishments like a bow on the head or a small charm.


Easter Jar

image source :Loren

Materials: Glass jars, Printed illustrations of bunnies, Mod Podge or decoupage glue, Paint (for the jar lids), Fabric or paper lace for the trim, Matching fabric or paper for the jar lids, Embellishments (like flatback pearls or ribbon)

Clean the jars thoroughly. Cut the bunny illustrations to size. Apply Mod Podge to the back of the illustrations and place them on the jars. Seal the illustrations with another layer of Mod Podge. Paint the jar lids and let them dry. Cover the lids with fabric or paper, and then apply the lace trim around the edge of the lids. Add any additional embellishments to the jar body or lid. Let everything dry completely before using.


Easter Bunny Jars

image source :Debra

Materials: Clear glass jars, Styrofoam balls for the heads, White paint or glitter for the Styrofoam balls, Pink felt or paper for the ears and nose, Ribbon for the bows and to decorate the hat, Black marker or paint for the face details, Small decorative items (like buttons) for the eyes and hat, Easter grass and small Easter eggs for filling the jars, Hot glue gun


Paint or glitter the Styrofoam balls and let them dry. Cut the pink felt into ear shapes and glue them onto the balls, Draw the face details with the marker or use paint, Glue on the button eyes and felt nose, Tie ribbons around the jar necks to make bows, and Glue the decorated Styrofoam heads on top of the jars, Fill the jars with Easter grass and eggs and any extra decorations to the hat or around the jar.


Bunny figures

image source :DIY Dollar Store Easter Decorations

Start with a template for the bunny’s body and head. You can create this yourself or find a template online. Trace the template onto your chosen fabric, which looks like a soft, chenille-type fabric in the image. After tracing, cut out the shapes from the fabric. You will need two pieces for each bunny (front and back).: With the right sides together, sew around the edges leaving a small opening for stuffing. If you’re not sewing, you can use fabric glue, but leave an opening for the stuffing. Turn the fabric right side out through the opening and stuff it with polyester fiberfill or any stuffing of your choice to the desired firmness. Stitch the opening closed by hand or use fabric glue. Create a pom-pom using yarn or buy a pre-made pom-pom. Attach this to the back of the bunny for the tail. For the ears, cut out the ear shapes from fabric, making them with an insert of a contrasting color if desired. Make sure to include a seam allowance. Sew or glue the edges, turn right-side out, and attach to the head. Embellish with ribbons, fake flowers, beads, or any other decorative items to give personality, as seen in the image.

  1. If the bunnies need to stand up, consider adding a weighted material inside the bottom or attaching a stand to the back.

These steps should give you a general idea to start creating your decorative fabric bunnies similar to the ones in the image.


Bunny Shape Door Decoration

image source :Home Decor Ideas

Use a jigsaw to cut out a bunny shape from a piece of wood or sturdy cardboard. Sand the edges if necessary. Paint the bunny in your desired color, possibly with acrylic paint for wood or spray paint for smoother coverage. Make or buy a large decorative bow and secure it to the bunny where the neck would be. Tuck in artificial greenery behind the bow to create a fuller look. Intersperse small, colorful Easter eggs among the foliage for a festive touch.Screw in a small eyelet to the top of the bunny and thread through a piece of string or ribbon to hang the decoration. Adjust the bow and foliage until you achieve your desired look. Then, hang the decoration on a door or wall. This is a simplified set of instructions, and the actual process may require more steps or tools depending on the materials you choose to use.


Hanging piece with Yellow chicks

image source :crochetblog.net

Materials: You’ll need small yellow chick decorations, artificial flowers, a twig, a ribbon, and a button or coin for the hanging mechanism.

Find a suitable twig and clean it. Cut it to the desired length. Use glue (a hot glue gun works well) to attach the chicks evenly along the twig. Fill in the spaces between the chicks with artificial flowers. Cut a length of ribbon, fold it into a loop, and glue the ends to the ends of the twig to create a hanger. Glue a button or coin at the peak of the ribbon loop. This adds decorative detail and can be used to hang the decoration on a nail or hook. Once the glue is dry, your decoration is ready to be hung on a wall, door, or any other place you like. The process might vary depending on the exact materials and how elaborate you want your decoration to be.


an Easter-themed arch decoration

image source :LiLi

Bend branches or wire into an arch and tie at the top for shape. Wrap greenery around the arch and dangle decorated eggs with string. Fix branch ends into wood blocks wrapped in paper or fabric. Cut bunny silhouettes from colored paper, and attach them to the base. Combine all parts, ensuring the structure is stable. Use glue and other craft supplies as needed.


Easter egg diorama decoration

image source :LiLi

Take a large artificial egg and carefully cut it in half lengthwise. Line the inside with decorative paper and glue in place. Place a small amount of artificial grass or moss inside the bottom half for a nest, and add miniature eggs. Position a small decorative bunny figure inside the nest. Attach a ribbon around the edge where the egg halves meet, adding a bow for detail. Glue a looped ribbon to the top of the egg for hanging. Use craft materials such as artificial grass, mini eggs, a small bunny figure, ribbons, glue, and scissors to complete this project.


Easter Themed Floral Arrangement

image source :Danu

Materials: you’d need to include a hoop, floral materials, decorative Easter eggs, ribbons, bunnies, moss or greenery for the base, and craft tools such as floral wire, hot glue, and scissors.

Use a large metal or wooden hoop as the core structure. Attach faux flowers, greenery, and other small decorative elements like berries or miniature birds to one side of the hoop using floral wire or hot glue to create a lush, asymmetrical design. Hang painted eggs from the hoop at different lengths using thin ribbon or string. Construct or find a sturdy base that can support the hoop, like a wooden block or box. Cover the base with moss or greenery for a natural look. Place bunny figures on the base, arranging them to look like they are interacting with the hoop or holding an egg. Scatter additional decorative eggs around the bunnies to fill the base. Secure the hoop to the base. If the hoop doesn’t stand on its own, you might need to attach support at the back to ensure everything is firmly attached and balanced to prevent tipping.


Easter Egg Decoration

image source :zendra

materials:Use craft materials such as moss, a miniature bunny, twigs, and decorations, with tools like scissors and glue.

Use a real or artificial large egg, and carefully cut off the top third. Line the inside with moss to create a nest-like base. Place a miniature bunny figurine inside on the moss. Push small twigs and pussy willow branches into the moss to protrude artistically from the egg. Glue small flowers or ribbons around the outer edge of the egg’s opening. Ensure the bottom of the egg is flat or supported so it stands upright.


Easter Theme Egg shape Structure

image source :Ушакова Альбина Олеговна

Materials: You’ll need a balloon, thread, glue, base, artificial flowers, eggs, and decorations.

Inflate a balloon to an egg shape, wrap it with glue-soaked thread, dry it, and remove the balloon. Fix the thread egg to a decorated sturdy base. Adorn with artificial flowers and greenery. Fill with decorative eggs. Attach a bird figure on top of ribbons and beads for finishing touches.


Floral Easter Arrangement

image source :ms_bloom_boutique

Materials: You’ll need a container, floral foam, artificial flowers, foliage, decorative eggs, ribbons, and moss.

Use a rustic, basket-like container or create one from twigs. Place floral foam inside the container for stability. Position a large decorative egg in the center; attach a ribbon bow for detail. Insert stems of yellow daffodils, white calla lilies, and green leaves around the egg. Add small decorative eggs and pussy willow branches for texture. Cover any visible foam with moss or grass.


Burlap bunnies

image source :Josh

Start by making or finding a bunny pattern. You would need patterns for the body, ears, arms, legs, and an egg shape to hold. Use the pattern to cut the burlap fabric into the required shapes. You’ll need two pieces for each part (front and back). Sew the two pieces of each part together, leaving a small opening. For finer control, you might want to do this by hand, although a sewing machine can work as well. Stuff each part with a filling of your choice, such as polyester fiberfill, to give it shape. Once all parts are stuffed, sew them together at the openings. Attach the ears to the head, the arms to the sides, and the legs to the bottom. For facial features, use buttons or beads for the eyes, and either stitch or glue on a small piece of burlap for the nose. Use jute twine or similar material to create the whiskers and mouth. To finish, you can add a small burlap bow around the neck and place a small egg (which can be made of burlap or any other material) in the bunny’s arms.

Remember, when working with burlap, it’s advisable to work in a well-ventilated area as the fibers can be quite dusty, and it’s also best to prevent fraying by either sewing close to the edge or using a fray-preventative solution on the cut edges


Burlap Bunny Craft

image source :Erika Creations

Start by creating two spheres of different sizes from twine or yarn. You can either wrap the twine around a balloon or create a tight ball of twine glued together with fabric glue. Cut out ear shapes from burlap fabric. You might want to stiffen the burlap with some glue or interfacing to help them stand up. Attach them to the larger twine ball, which will be the body. Create smaller twine balls and attach them to the bottom of the larger twine ball for feet, and a small one for the tail. Attach googly eyes, a small pom-pom or felt piece for the nose, and use thin twine or string to create whiskers. Add a small bow or ribbon around the ears to give your bunny character. You can also add small details like felt or button for the paws. Glue the head to the body, attach the ears to the top of the head, and then add the feet to the bottom of the body. Finish by attaching the tail at the back. Remember, while making this craft, it’s important to let the glue dry completely at each stage before moving on to the next. This will help ensure that your bunny maintains its shape and that all the parts stay securely attached.


Fabric Bunny Jars

image source :susi

Wrap the jar with a fabric of your choice. Secure it with glue, and then decorate it with ribbons or lace to give it a nice finish. Cut out the fabric pieces for the bunny’s ears, arms, and feet. Polka dot fabric is used for the inner ears and the foot pads in the image. Sew the fabric pieces right sides together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Turn the fabric right side out and stuff the pieces with polyester fiberfill. Create the bunny’s face using smaller pieces of white and pink fabric for the nose, and embroider or draw on the eyes and mouth. Fluffy material can be used to mimic fur. Stitch the ears to the top of the head and attach the head to the jar lid. Then, attach the arms and feet to the body of the jar. You can add additional details like a small bow tie or a ribbon around the neck, and whiskers made from thin wire or thread. The result is a decorative bunny jar that can be used for storing small items or as a cute addition to Easter decor. Remember to sew carefully, and make sure all parts are securely attached to ensure the longevity of the craft.


Fabric Bunnies

image source :Julia Tatarina

Create or find a pattern for a bunny shape that includes a round body, long ears, and a base that can be filled to add weight. Choose fabrics with different textures or patterns for the body and ears. Cut the fabric according to the pattern. Sew the body parts right sides together, leaving a hole for stuffing. Turn the fabric right side out and stuff the upper part with polyester stuffing. Use sand or small beans to fill the bottom part to add weight, then sew the opening closed. Sew the ear’s right sides together, leaving a base open. Turn them right side out, and if you want them to stand up as in the photo, you can insert a piece of wire or stiff interfacing. Attach the ears to the top of the bunny’s head by sewing or using fabric glue. Sew or glue on small pieces of fabric or felt for the eyes and nose, and use embroidery or fabric paint to create the mouth and whiskers. Add a decorative bow around the neck or ears for a festive look. Be sure to securely attach all parts, especially if the bunny will be used as a toy. For a standing bunny like the one in the picture, ensure the base is stable and the ears are stiff enough to stand upright.


Heart Shaped wall Hanger

image source :doi

Cut a heart shape from a stiff fabric or felt for the base. Sew a complementary fabric pocket on the front of the heart, leaving the top open. Create small bunnies from felt, with stitched or glued-on details for their faces and ears. Add bows or flowers for embellishment. Place the bunnies in the pocket. Fill the pocket with decorative straw or similar material to simulate a nest. You can add small craft eggs or felt carrots to the straw. Add a ribbon bow to the front and attach a hanging loop to the back of the heart. Attach a string or ribbon to the top of the heart for hanging. This craft involves basic sewing and assembly skills, and you can customize it with different fabrics and details to suit your style.


topiary trees

image source :Sylwia Solich

Use a small pot or container as the base. Fill it with floral foam or a similar material that can hold items in place. Insert a dowel or sturdy stick into the floral foam. This will be the trunk of your topiary. Attach speckled craft eggs (which you can buy at a craft store or make by painting styrofoam eggs) to the top end of the dowel with hot glue to form a rounded topiary shape. Embellish the pot with moss, small fabric flowers, or miniature Easter-themed cutouts, like bunnies or butterflies. Tie a ribbon around the dowel to hide the stick and add a decorative touch. Optionally, paint the pot and add additional decorations such as glitter or themed stickers. Be sure to balance the topiary tree so that it doesn’t tip over, and secure the eggs well so they stay in place.


Carrot Door Decor

image source :DIY Home Decore

Create a cone-shaped form using chicken wire or similar material that can hold its shape and support the weight of the greenery. Cover the form with orange burlap or a similar textured fabric, securing it with glue or wire. Insert floral foam into the wide end of the cone if additional support is needed for the greenery. Add artificial or real greenery at the wide end of the cone to simulate the carrot top. You can use floral pins or wire to secure it. Tie a gingham ribbon around the greenery’s base to create a bow for decoration. Attach a loop of wire or string at the back of the cone for hanging the decoration on a door or wall. This carrot door hanging is a festive decoration, particularly suitable for spring or Easter. Adjust the size according to your preference.


wooden bead Garland

image source :Ruth Ungren

Gather wooden beads of various sizes, artificial flowers, foliage, wire or sturdy thread for the garland, and a tassel. String the wooden beads onto the wire or thread, arranging them in a pattern or size gradient as desired. Tie off one end of the bead string to create a loop for hanging. On the other end, secure the thread to prevent beads from falling off. Attach the tassel to the end of the garland opposite the loop. You can make a tassel by grouping artificial flowers and foliage and wrapping their stems with floral tape. Affix the artificial flowers and foliage around the tassel securely, using additional wire or glue. Adjust the arrangement of the beads, tassel, and decorations to your preference, and trim any excess material from the artificial foliage to maintain a clean look.

This garland can be used as home decor, draping over mantles, or shelves, or as a festive seasonal decoration


Easter tree with hanging Decorations

image source :bernuskaa.hu

Materials: You’ll need paper in various colors, string or ribbon, scissors, and possibly a hole punch.

Cut egg shapes from the paper for the egg ornaments. To create the bunny ornament, you’ll need to cut out several identical shapes of a bunny silhouette and fold them down the center. For the 3D effect, glue the folded bunny shapes back-to-back, aligning them at the fold, until you have a full circular shape. Use a hole punch to create a small hole at the top of each paper shape, then thread the string through the hole and tie a knot to create a loop for hanging.Hang the paper ornaments on the branches evenly, balancing the tree visually.


bunny Craft

image source :Vanessa Hardt

Materials :Gather wooden rings or cardboard, wood slices, paint, decorations (like flowers), adhesive, and ribbon.

For cardboard, cut three rings per bunny and paint them. Use two larger ones for the body and a smaller one for the head. Stack and glue two large rings for the body. Attach the smaller ring as the head. Add cut-out ears on top. Secure the assembled bunny to a wood slice with glue. Embellish with flowers and ribbon, Let the entire piece dry completely.


Bunny Door Hanger

image source :Vanessa Hardt

Materials: You’ll need thin wood or thick cardstock, decorative paper or fabric, ribbons, string for hanging, and paint or printed letters for the greeting.

Cut out three bunny shapes from your wood or cardstock. Cover each bunny with decorative paper or paint them. You can use different patterns for each bunny. Glue ribbons around the neck of each bunny as a bow. You can also add other embellishments as desired. Drill small holes in the ears of the bunnies and thread string through them to connect the bunnies and create a hanging loop at the top. Tie the string to connect all three bunnies in a vertical row and create a loop for hanging. Place the hanger on a door or wall as a festive decoration.


Bunny Easter Treeb

image source :melt chocalate

Materials: White vase, branches (real or artificial), decorative Easter eggs, tray, moss or grass, craft materials for bunnies (like wood, fabric, and paint), string or ribbon, and adhesive.

Place the branches into the vase. If the branches are real, ensure they are clean and dry before use. Decorate plain eggs or use pre-decorated Easter eggs. Attach a piece of string or ribbon to each egg for hanging. Hang the eggs at varying lengths from the branches. Craft or purchase bunny figures. If crafting, cut out bunny shapes from wood or thick cardstock, paint them, and create small clothes from fabric scraps. Place the vase in the center of the tray. Arrange moss, grass, or any other decorative base around the vase. Position the bunny figures on the tray. Add extra decorative eggs around the bunnies on the tray for a full Easter effect. Place the centerpiece on a table or any other area you’d like to decorate for Easter.


Paper cone Easter Bunnies

image source :Nicole Freitag

Materials Needed: White paper or cardstock, scissors, glue or tape, pink marker, black pen, and chocolates or treats to fill the cones.

Cut the white paper into a semi-circle. Roll it into a cone shape and secure it with glue or tape. Cut out ear shapes from the same paper. You may want to use a pink marker to color the inner part of the ears. Glue or tape the ears to the inside of the cone at the top, so they stick out. With a black pen, draw the eyes, nose, whiskers, and mouth to make the bunny’s face. Put chocolates or any treats inside the cone. Add any additional decorations, like bows or stickers, to personalize your bunny cones. Remember to let any glue dry completely before filling the cones with treats.


bunny silhouettes window decors

image source :angelika neudect

Materials Needed: Cardstock or patterned paper, cotton balls or white pom-poms, scissors, double-sided tape or adhesive dots, and a bunny silhouette template.

Use a bunny silhouette template and trace it onto your cardstock or patterned paper. Cut out the shapes with scissors. Use double-sided tape or adhesive dots to attach a cotton ball or white pom-pom to each bunny silhouette, positioning it where the tail would be. Make sure the window glass is clean so that the silhouettes will stick properly and be displayed clearly. Use double-sided tape or a mild, non-permanent adhesive to attach the bunnies to the window. Space them out as desired. Once the bunnies are attached, adjust their position as needed to create your preferred arrangement. Remember to be gentle when attaching and removing paper decorations from glass to avoid leaving any marks or residue.


Bunny Wall hanger

image source :Laura Franchin

Materials Needed: Felt or craft foam in different colors, a cork sheet for the bunny silhouette, artificial flowers or flower cut-outs from felt, buttons, ribbon, scissors, glue, and a hanging loop (string, yarn, or twine).

Cut out an egg shape from a large piece of felt or foam. Then cut a slightly smaller egg shape from a different color and glue it on top. Trace a bunny shape onto a cork sheet or brown felt and cut it out. Glue it to the center of the egg shapes. Make or use pre-made flowers and glue them to the bottom of the egg shape. Affix a button to the center of each flower. Make a bow from the ribbon and glue it to the top of the egg shape. Secure the hanging loop to the back or top of the egg shape for display. Let all the glue dry, and make any adjustments needed to ensure everything is secure. Display your handcrafted decoration on a door, wall, or any area that needs a bit of Easter cheer.

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