Beautiful and Best Valentine’s DIY crafts ideas for Crush

As February 14th nears, it’s time to spark romance with handmade Valentine’s gifts and décor. Seeking something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day? Our guide is your perfect match! Dive into creativity and make this Day of Love uniquely memorable. Grab your scissors and glue; it’s time to craft personalized tokens of affection. Explore our inspiring ideas and transform your heartfelt emotions into charming, DIY masterpieces. Let’s make love tangible with crafts that speak from the heart!”

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Creative wall decoration

image source: Catherine Panter

First, lay out the cards on the floor to form the heart shape. This will help you to know how many cards you’ll need and how it will look once finished. Make sure the wall is clean and dry. If you want a temporary setup, use a material that won’t damage the wall when removed. Start from the bottom point of the heart and work your way up, attaching the cards to the wall with your chosen adhesive. Make sure to press firmly for each card to stick properly. Once all cards are on the wall, step back to look at the overall shape. Adjust any cards as needed to perfect the heart shape. Remember to be gentle with the wall to avoid any damage, especially if you’re renting your space.

playing Card Wreath

image source: The Crazy Craft Lady

Create or obtain a heart-shaped base. Begin at the base’s bottom point and layer playing cards in an overlapping fashion around the heart. Keep layering until the heart is fully outlined by the cards. Add any extra decorations, such as pink ornaments, as desired. Fix a ribbon or string to the top for hanging the wreath.

Valentine’s Day heart wreath


image source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Gather various paper or cardstock in pink and red shades, a wreath base, glue, and a ribbon for hanging. Cut out hearts of different sizes and designs from the paper or cardstock. Layer and arrange the cut-out hearts around the wreath base, creating a pleasing pattern. Glue the hearts onto the wreath base, ensuring they overlap for a full, lush lookAttach a ribbon to the top of the wreath for easy hanging. This type of wreath is typically used as a decorative item for Valentine’s Day or to convey a romantic or affectionate sentiment.

Hanging heart suncatchers.


image source: Ash Corvin

Materials: You would need flexible wire or pipe cleaners, a selection of beads in various colors and sizes, ribbons, and possibly small tools like pliers.

Shape wire or pipe cleaners into hearts.Thread beads onto them for decoration. Secure the ends by twisting them together. Attach ribbons for hanging. Hang the finished hearts in a bright spot. They’re easy to make, suitable for all ages, and perfect for Valentine’s Day or everyday decor.

Glitter heart bouquet


image source:Lilith

Materials: You’ll need glitter foam sheets or cardstock, wooden skewers or floral wire for the stems, glue, a vase, and ribbon if desired for decoration.

Cut out heart shapes from the glitter foam sheets or cardstock. Glue the wooden skewers or floral wire to the back of each heart to act as stems. Place a ribbon around the vase for additional decoration. Place a ribbon around the vase for additional decoration. This craft is popular for Valentine’s Day and can be customized with different colors and sizes of hearts.

DIY balloon hot air balloon


image source: Lil Luna

Materials: Balloons, paper or plastic straws, small boxes or baskets, decorative paper, glue or double-sided tape, and string or twine.

Cover the boxes with decorative paper and add a heart cut-out or other embellishments on the front. Securely attach paper or plastic straws to each corner of the box. These will act as the “basket” supports. Inflate the balloons to the desired size. Tie string to the end of the balloon, and then attach the other end of the string to the top of the straws to simulate the balloon ropes. As an optional step, create a string of pennants or bunting to wrap around the balloon, attaching it to the top of the straws.

miniature kissing booth



Materials: You’ll need craft sticks or popsicle sticks, paint, glue, decorative paper or fabric, and additional embellishments like small hearts or stickers with “XO” letters.

Glue the craft sticks together to form the sides and top of the booth. You may need to cut some sticks to fit the booth’s dimensions. Paint all the pieces in your chosen color scheme, often pink, red, and white for Valentine’s theme. Once the paint has dried, add decorative elements such as a fabric bunting with hearts, stick-on letters to spell “XO,” and a sign with the “Kisses 25¢” pricing. Glue the decorated top part to the base, ensuring it’s secure.

This DIY project can be a fun craft for Valentine’s Day or as part of a themed party and can be customized with various colors and messages.

Heart Shaped Ornament


image source: Susana bizama

Materials Needed: Corrugated card or paper, a pair of beads, a ribbon, wire, and a small cylindrical base (possibly made of rolled corrugated paper or a spool).

Cut two identical heart shapes from the corrugated card. If you want a 3D effect, you could make a cut from the bottom of one heart to the center, and from the top to the center of the other, and slot them together. Use wire to create a stem, which you will insert between the heart shapes if they are slotted together, or glue to the back of a single heart shape. Create or use a small cylindrical base and insert the other end of the wire into it to stand the heart upright. Decorate the heart with a ribbon bow at the top. You can also add beads on strings hanging from the center of the heart. Adjust the beads and the ribbon, and make sure everything is securely attached and stands properly.


Heart luminary jar

image source: Footprint Plate

Materials: You’ll need a clean glass jar, colored paint suitable for glass, a paintbrush, a crafting knife or scissors, masking tape or adhesive vinyl, a ribbon, twine, and a small light source like a battery-operated tea light or string of LED lights.

Apply a coat of paint to the outside of the jar. You might need several coats for opaque coverage. Let it dry completely between coats. Before painting, you can stick a heart-shaped piece of masking tape or adhesive vinyl to the jar where you want the light to shine through. After the paint has dried, carefully peel off the tape or vinyl to reveal the heart-shaped window. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and secure it with a bow. You can also wrap twine around the top for a rustic touch. Place the tea light or LED string inside the jar to illuminate it.


love votive candle holders

image source:Eatwell101

Materials: Gather thick paper or cardstock, a pencil, a ruler, a craft knife, a cutting mat, and tea light candles.

Cut the paper or cardstock into strips that are wide enough to form the sides of the holder and long enough to wrap around the tea light candle with some overlap. On each strip, draw the letters “L,” “O,” “V,” “E” and a heart shape. Use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut out these designs carefully. Shape each strip into a square around a tea light, ensuring the cut-out design is on one side. Secure the ends together with glue or tape. Place a tea light candle inside each holder and light it when ready to display.

These holders create a charming and warm ambiance, perfect for romantic settings, Valentine’s Day decorations, or simply to spell out messages for various occasions.


DIY heart box with roses

image source:paper craft DIY tutorials

Materials Needed: A heart-shaped box, craft foam or fondant (for making roses), pearls or beads for decoration, paint, and glue.

Paint the heart-shaped box in your desired color and let it dry completely—craft roses from the foam or fondant. You can create these by cutting out circles, thinning the edges, and rolling them into a spiral, or by using a rose mold. Once the roses are formed, glue them onto the lid of the box, usually in a cluster to make a bouquet-like arrangement. Glue pearls or beads around the edges of the box lid and the base for an added decorative touch. Add any additional decorations you like, such as glitter, ribbons, or additional floral elements.

This type of box can be used for gifting, storing jewelry, or as a decorative piece for events like weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day.


Glittery heart ornament with pearls and roses

image source: Fathima Crafts planner

Materials: You’ll need a heart-shaped base (which could be made from cardboard, foam, or wood), red glitter or glitter paper, pearl beads, small artificial roses, strong glue, and possibly red paint.

If your heart-shaped base isn’t already red and glittery, you can paint it red and while the paint is wet, sprinkle it with red glitter. Let it dry completely. Using strong glue, attach pearl beads along the edge of the heart and create swirls or lines inside the heart as desired. Glue the small roses to the bottom center of the heart, or in any other pattern you prefer. Ensure your heart can stand by attaching it to a sturdy base. You might need to add support at the back if the heart is too large or heavy. Allow everything to dry thoroughly before placing it on display.


Glitter Butterfly Ornaments

image source: Fathima Crafts planner

Cut out butterfly shapes from cardboard or thick paper. Paint one side of each butterfly with glue and sprinkle on glitter. Paint the other side white or any color you prefer. one side of each butterfly with glue and sprinkle on glitter. Paint the other side white or any color you prefer. Glue on smaller butterfly cutouts in a contrasting color in the center to create a layered look. Add pearl beads or small dots of paint along the edges for extra decoration. Punch a hole at the top and thread through a string or ribbon for hanging.

Let them dry completely before hanging. These ornaments can be used for various decorative purposes, such as on Christmas trees, windows, or party decorations.


Heart-shaped basket

image source:franclnalvagerlandia silva

Materials: You’ll need cardstock or thin cardboard, a sturdy wire for the handle, glue or double-sided tape, and paint or markers if you wish to color it.

Cut several large hearts from the cardstock for the sides and bottom of the basket. Glue the sides of the hearts together edge-to-edge to create a basket shape. Cut a strip of cardstock to serve as the bottom of the basket, fitting inside the heart edges, and glue it in place. Bend the wire into an arch and cover it with cardstock or ribbon. Attach each end inside the basket to form a handle. Once the glue dries, you can use the basket as a decorative piece or to hold items like candies or small gifts. the glue dries, you can use the basket as a decorative piece or to hold items like candies or small gifts


Heart wall hanging.

image source: Charleston Crafted

To make this, you would need materials such as paper or felt in colors of your choice (often red, white, and pink are used for a traditional Valentine’s look), a dowel or a stick for the support, string or yarn for hanging the hearts, and additional decorations such as tassels or beads if desired.

Cut out multiple heart shapes from your chosen material. You can create hearts of different sizes for a varied look. Paint or decorate the dowel if you want to add color or patterns. Use string or yarn to attach the hearts to the dowel. You can use a needle to thread through paper or felt if necessary. Attach any additional elements like tassels, beads, or an arrow-shaped piece at the top of the dowel. Attach strings to both ends of the dowel to hang the mobile from the wall. This is a simple craft that you can customize in many ways, such as using different colors, and patterns, or adding other shapes besides hearts.


Valentine’s Day gift basket

image source: Bloomin’ Lovely

.You will need a small box or basket, floral foam to secure items in the basket, red and pink tissue paper, assorted Valentine-themed decorations (like heart-shaped picks, chocolates, ribbons, and possibly a balloon on a stick with a Valentine’s greeting), and wooden skewers or floral wire.

Place the floral foam inside the box or basket. Cover the foam with tissue paper. Tape or glue the chocolates and decorative hearts onto the skewers or floral wire. Stick the skewers into the floral foam, arranging them at varying heights to create a pleasing display. Place additional loose chocolates or decorations around the base to cover the foam. Wrap a large ribbon around the box or basket for decoration. You can add a personal touch by including a handmade card or a special note.


Heart topiaries

image source: Lirio Blanco

Materials: You’ll need a styrofoam heart, artificial flowers (or other decorations such as pom-poms), a wooden dowel, a pot or container for the base, floral foam, ribbon, and hot glue.

Secure floral foam within the pot or container and cover it with ribbon or paint it as desired. Insert one end of the wooden dowel into the base of the styrofoam heart, and the other end into the floral foam in the pot, ensuring it’s stable. Use hot glue to attach artificial flowers or other decorative elements onto the styrofoam heart until it’s fully covered. Optionally, you can add additional decorations, like ribbon or small hearts, around the base to cover the floral foam and enhance the overall look. Add any additional embellishments like decorative pins, ribbons, or contrasting flowers to the heart for more detail.

Heart topiaries can vary in size, color, and decoration, allowing for a lot of creativity and personalization


Button art canvas


Materials: Gather a variety of buttons in different shades and sizes, a canvas or piece of sturdy fabric like burlap stretched over a frame, strong glue (like hot glue), and any additional decorative elements like ribbons or charms.

Lay out your buttons on the canvas to form a heart shape. You can trace a heart outline on the canvas as a guide if needed. Once you are satisfied with your design, glue the buttons onto the canvas, starting from the outline and working your way in. Overlap buttons to add depth and interest. After the buttons are in place and the glue has dried, add a bow and charm at the top of the heart for extra decoration. Allow everything to dry completely. If the canvas does not have a built-in hanging mechanism, you can add a ribbon loop at the back for hanging or place it on an easel. This kind of art piece can be a fun way to repurpose old buttons and can be customized to fit any color scheme or occasion


painted wine bottle candle holders


Materials: You’ll need two clean and empty wine bottles, white spray paint (or any color of your choice), red paint for the hearts, a paintbrush, candles that fit the bottle opening, optional decorative elements like keys or charms, and twine.

Start by spray painting the wine bottles with your base color. It may require multiple coats; make sure each coat is dry before applying the next. Add the Heart Design: Once the base coat is dry, paint a half-heart on each bottle using red paint. You may want to use a stencil or draw the design first with a pencil. Once everything is dry, place a candle in the opening of each bottle. Add any additional decorations you like, such as ribbon or glitter. Write “Mrs.” and “Mr.” or any other personalization with paint or a permanent marker at the base of each bottle. tell me how to make this briefly


Heart-shaped wall planter

image source : Melissa caster

Materials: You’ll need a heart-shaped container or planter, rope or twine for hanging, soil, small plants or herbs, and decorative elements like a bow, ribbon, or small ornaments.

If the heart-shaped container doesn’t have hanging provisions, attach a sturdy rope or twine to create a loop for hanging. Fill the container with soil and plant small plants or herbs of your choice. Ensure that the plants you choose can thrive in the container size and have similar care requirements. Tie a decorative bow around the container or attach it to the rope/twine. Add any additional decorative elements, like a small heart ornament or bauble, to the front of the planter. Find a suitable spot on a wall and securely hang your heart-shaped planter. Choose plants that are suitable for the indoor environment or the outdoor conditions where you plan to hang the planter. Always consider the weight of the planter when securing it to ensure it is safely hung.


Heart-shaped paper hot air balloon decorations.

image source :Breeyflow

Materials: Gather cardstock or heavy paper in colors of your choice, string or ribbon, small baskets or pots, decorative elements like glitter or stickers, and glue or tape.

Cut the cardstock into heart shapes that will serve as the balloons. You’ll need multiple hearts for each balloon to create the 3D effect. Fold the hearts in half and glue or tape the backsides together to create a three-dimensional balloon shape. Glue or tape strings to the bottom of each heart balloon. Secure the other end of the strings to the small baskets or pots. Adorn the baskets or pots with additional decorative elements like ribbon, glitter, or heart stickers. Optionally, add small weights to the baskets or pots if you want them to stand more securely, or fill them with treats or small gifts. These paper hot air balloons can be used as table centerpieces, gift basket accents, or hanging decorations.


Heart-shaped paper basket

image source: Creative Moments With Sandy

Materials: You will need cardstock or craft paper in your chosen colors, patterned paper for decoration, sturdy paper or cardstock for the handle, a scoring tool, glue or double-sided tape, and embellishments such as flowers, ribbons, or stickers.

Cut out two identical heart shapes from the cardstock. These will form the sides of your basket. Score a line around the edge of each heart, about a half-inch from the edge, to create a flat base for the basket. Fold along the scored lines. Cut a strip of paper or cardstock for the handle, long enough to arch over from one side of the heart to the other. Glue the two heart shapes together along the folded edges, leaving the top part open. Attach the handle to the top of each heart side. Add decorative paper around the heart’s border for a layered look. Glue on additional decorations like flowers and ribbons to embellish your basket. Allow everything to dry thoroughly before using the basket to hold small gifts or treats.

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