The Lonely Angel’s Journey to Love

Once, there was a sweet, lonely angel who often gazed up at the sky, wondering and wandering in thought. One day, looking at the moon, the angel asked, “What is love? What does it feel like?” The moon, silent and still, offered no answer. The little angel sighed, finding calm in the quietness.

Time went by, and this lonely angel met someone new, someone different. She was lively, cheerful, and a bit mischievous. She darted around the angel, trying to catch his attention, much like a playful butterfly circles a flower. At first, this bothered the angel, disturbing his peace.

But, as time passed, something changed. The angel, who had never really smiled, found himself smiling in front of this elfin girl. He didn’t realize it, but he thought about her a lot. Then one day, unexpectedly,, without warning, the elf girl left the angel. She didn’t know something important, and the angel’s world turned quiet and lonely again. But now, the silence wasn’t soothing; it was painful.

The angel, who had never shed a tear, found his eyes filled with tears. the angel gazed at the moon and whispered to the moon, “Now I know what love is,” exhaling a deep, heartfelt sigh.







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