Simple DIY Birthday Card Creations you will love


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You’ll need a blank card, silver ribbon, blue gemstones of various sizes, glue, and a silver pen. For dandelion design Sketch or use a stencil to draw the dandelion outlines on the front of the card. Apply glue carefully where you want the gemstones to be placed. Attach the blue gemstones along the lines of the dandelion design. Tie the silver ribbon into a bow and glue it to the bottom of the dandelions. Use the silver pen to write “Peace, Love, Joy” or any other desired greeting below the dandelions. Allow everything to dry thoroughly before handling or writing inside the card.


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Blank card or cardstock, patterned paper, sequins, feathers, glue, and a gold glitter pen or gold foil for the lettering. Cut out egg shapes from the patterned paper. You can draw the egg shapes freehand or use an egg-shaped template. Arrange the paper eggs on the front of the card. Once you’re happy with the layout, glue them in place. Decorate around the paper eggs with sequins to add some sparkle. Glue a few small feathers to the card for a soft, textured effect. Write “Happy Easter” at the bottom of the card. You can write it freehand with a gold glitter pen or use gold foil and a stencil for a more polished look.Allow the glue and any glitter pen ink to dry completely before handling further.


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Materials Needed: Blank card or cardstock, colorful rhinestones or sequins, ribbon, glue, and a black pen or marker.

Arrange your colorful rhinestones in the shape of a square or rectangle on the front of your card to mimic the appearance of a gift box. Use glue to attach each rhinestone one by one until the shape is filled. Take a length of ribbon and form it into a bow. Glue the bow to the top center of the rhinestone gift box to represent the bow on a present. Below the rhinestone gift box, use a black pen or marker to neatly write “Congratulations” or print out the greeting in a fancy font and glue it on if you’re not comfortable with your handwriting. Allow all the glue to dry completely, ensuring the rhinestones and ribbon are securely attached.


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Materials Needed: Blank card or cardstock, blue patterned paper or fabric for the cloud, blue sequins or gemstones, glue, a stamp or printout of an umbrella, and a blue marker or pen.

Cut out a cloud shape from your blue patterned paper or fabric. Glue it to the top of the card. Arrange and then glue blue sequins or gemstones in a falling pattern below the cloud to represent raindrops. Stamp or glue a pre-cut umbrella shape at the bottom of the raindrop trail. Write “Feel Better Soon” on the umbrella with a blue marker or pen. Allow the glue to dry completely before handling or writing inside the card.


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Materials Needed: Blank card or cardstock, pink paint, a black pen, cotton balls or a small pom-pom, and glue.

Paint the bodies of the flamingos on the card. You can use your finger to dab the paint onto the card for the larger flamingo and do the same for the smaller ones, using less paint for a smaller print. Use a fine brush or a black pen to add details like the beak, head, and legs. Use a fine brush or a black pen to add the details like the beak, head, and legs. Allow everything to dry completely before writing any message inside the card.


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Materials Needed: Cardstock for the base of the card, Different colored or patterned papers for the balloons,String or thin ribbon for the balloon strings, A cutting tool (such as scissors or a craft knife), Adhesive double-sided tape), A die-cutting machine or letter stickers for the “celebrate” sentiment.

Fold a piece of cardstock to create the base of your card. Cut out heart shapes from the colored or patterned papers. To make it uniform, you could use a heart-shaped punch or a template. Attach one end of the string to the back of each heart. Arrange the heart balloons on the card and glue them down, making sure to leave some string hanging off the bottom. Secure the strings at the bottom of the card and trim any excess. Add the “celebrate” sentiment. You can either die-cut the word from paper or use pre-made letter stickers. Optionally, you can add additional decorations or write a message inside the card.


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A sheet of paper or canvas for the base, Pencil and fine-tip pens for drawing, Various colored pom-poms, Strong glue or a hot glue gun to affix the pom-poms, A ruler or a straight-edge

Sketch your subject on paper or canvas. Outline the sketch with a fine-tip pen, Arrange pom-poms to plan their placement. Glue the pom-poms starting from the focal point, spreading out to form a design or shape.Let the glue dry before handling.


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Prepare a blank card and select beads. Draw or print parallel lines on the card front. Glue beads along the lines at intervals. Write or print “Happy Birthday!” at the bottom.Let it dry before giving it away.


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To make a button and bead hummingbird card, you will need an assortment of buttons, beads, sequins, cardstock, and strong glue. First, draw or stencil a hummingbird shape on the cardstock. Begin by arranging the largest buttons to form the body and head, then use smaller ones for the wings and tail. Outline and add details with tiny buttons and beads. Glue each piece starting with the largest to the smallest, and fill any gaps with beads and sequins for extra texture. Optionally, create a beaded tail with beads on wire or thread, and attach it. Let the glue dry completely, then your handmade card is ready to display or gift!


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Choose a piece of cardstock in your desired color for the base. Place a stencil of a jar on the cardstock, or freehand draw it if you’re comfortable. Use string or twine to outline the jar shape on the card. Glue the string in place, tracing around the jar’s edges. Tie a bow around the “neck” of the string jar or glue a pre-made bow in place for added detail.Trim the stems of your artificial flowers to the desired length and arrange them to appear as if they are coming out of the jar. Glue the flower stems to the cardstock so they stay in place, with the blooms overflowing from the jar top. Let all the glue dry thoroughly before moving the card to prevent any pieces from shifting.


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Materials: Brown cardstock, Assorted buttons, Green colored pencils or markers, Paper or fabric, String or thin twine, White paper, Glue

Fold the brown cardstock to create your card base. Arrange and glue buttons on the front to create a bouquet effect. Draw stems and leaves connecting to each button with green pencils/markers. Cut out small triangles from your paper or fabric for the bunting, attach them to the string, and glue it across the top of the card.Cut a strip of white paper, tie it into a bow, and glue it at the bottom of the stems. Write “Birthday Wishes” or your desired greeting at the top.


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Materials :Quilling paper strips,Quilling tool or needle,White cardstock for the base,Glue,Tweezers (optional)

Sketch the outline of a coffee cup on the white cardstock. Use the quilling tool to roll the paper strips into coils. Pinch and shape the coils as needed to fit the parts of the cup, such as the handle, cup base, and coffee surface. Fill the cup with tight coils in cream color for the coffee’s foam and brown for the coffee itself. Alternate the shades to give a textured look. Glue the shaped paper coils onto the cardstock following the sketched outline. Add additional details like steam or coffee beans near the cup with small quilled shapes. Allow the artwork to dry completely.


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Brown cardstock for the base.A variety of colored buttons for the cupcake top.A piece of pink corrugated paper or a cupcake liner for the cupcake base, glue, Letter stamps, or a pen for the greeting.

Cut the brown cardstock to your desired card size. Arrange the buttons on the top half of the card to form the shape of the cupcake frosting. Take the pink corrugated paper or cupcake liner, fold it into a semi-circle, and glue it onto the card as the cupcake base. Glue the buttons above the cupcake base. Use letter stamps or a pen to add “Happy birthday cupcake” above the cupcake design. Let the glue dry before handling or writing inside the card.


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