25 Unique and beautiful easter crafts for kids and adults


Bunny ladder

Image source:danushika

Collect branches or driftwood, rusted metal cutouts (e.g., bunnies), faux eggs, raffia/twine, and straw/hay. Build the ladder by connecting the branches at the intersections using glue or fasteners, ensuring stability. Build the ladder by connecting the branches at the intersections using glue or fasteners, ensuring stability. Add straw or hay at the bottom to simulate a nest and place faux eggs on the rungs, securing them with glue. Wrap raffia or twine around for extra decoration. Stand the ladder against a wall or corner, arranging decorations you like.


Easter Bunny Hoop

image source:instergram.com


Fabric or ribbon for the bunnies’ clothes, A wooden hoop or circular frame,, Craft felt in various colors, A small piece of wood or a wooden disc for the base, Faux flowers and greenery, Hot glue gun.

Cut out bunny shapes from craft felt. Create clothes from fabric or ribbon and glue them onto the bunniesAdd small details like eyes, nose, and whiskers with felt or paint. Or you can buy similar bunnies from the amazon 

How to make it

Wrap the wooden hoop with white ribbon or paint arrange and glue the faux flowers and leaves around the top of the hoop. Attach the bunnies to the wooden base and then secure the base to the bottom of the hoop. Add any additional decorations such as butterflies or more flowers. Make sure everything is securely glued and let it dry.


Bunny Wall Hanger

Image source:Connie Benson 

Materials: You’ll need a wreath form, burlap fabric, patterned fabric for the inner ears, ribbon for the bow, a pom-pom for the tail, and a hot glue gun.

 Cover the wreath form with burlap, securing it with hot glue. Shape and attach additional burlap to form the ears. then  Cut the patterned fabric in the shape of the bunny’s inner ears and glue it onto the burlap ears. then Tie the ribbon into a large bow and attach it where the bunny’s neck would be. Glue the pom-pom on the bottom of the wreath to represent the bunny’s tail. Hang: Attach a loop of ribbon or a hanger to the back to display your wreath.


Easter Bunny Window Frame

image source:instergram.com

Materials: A faux or real window frame, artificial flowers and greenery, Easter eggs, a pre-made bunny head (which can be found at craft stores), ribbon for a bow, and a hot glue gun.

If you’re using a real window frame, you may want to paint it or distress it for a rustic look. Arrange the artificial flowers and greenery along one side of the window frame, attaching them with hot glue or floral wire. Intersperse artificial Easter eggs within the floral arrangement for added color and theme. Attach the bunny head to the bottom of the window frame so that it appears to be peeking over. Tie the ribbon into a large bow and attach it below the bunny head. Make sure there’s a secure method for hanging the window frame, such as a strong wire or mounting brackets.

This creates a festive and eye-catching Easter decoration for your home.


Easter Bunny Floral Wall Hanging

image sourse:nelly Ossa

Materials: Gather a plush bunny head, an assortment of silk flowers, faux greenery, fabric for backing, ribbon, lace, a heart-shaped ornament, and a hot glue gun.

How to make 

Cut the fabric into an egg shape or another preferred backdrop shape. You might want to stiffen the fabric with cardboard or a similar material for support. Secure the plush bunny head onto the top of your fabric backing. Arrange the silk flowers and greenery around the bunny, using hot glue to attach them. Decorate with ribbons, lace, and any other desired accents. Create or decorate a heart-shaped ornament and attach it to the bottom of the fabric backing. Attach a ribbon or a loop at the back for hanging. This creates a charming and soft decoration, ideal for Easter or springtime.


Burlap Bunny Ear Floral Centerpiece

image source:Judy Halick

Materials: You’ll need a wooden round base, burlap or similar rustic material for the ears, artificial flowers, foliage, floral foam or a hot glue gun, and wire for support if needed.

Cut two long ear shapes from the burlap material. If necessary, use wire as a support inside the burlap to maintain the ear shape. then Secure the ears to the wooden base. If you’re using wire supports, drill small holes in the base to insert the wire ends, then glue for extra stability. Then arrange and secure the artificial flowers and foliage around the base of the ears using floral foam or a hot glue gun. Once the ears are in place and the floral arrangement is complete, make sure everything is firmly attached and can stand upright. The finished product is a charming, rustic centerpiece, perfect for Easter or springtime decor.


Rustic Twine Wrapped Easter Wreath

image source:Renee Nelson

Materials: You need a foam or straw wreath form, twine, artificial pussy willow branches, burlap ribbon, Easter egg decorations, and a hot glue gun.

Secure one end of the twine to the wreath form with hot glue. Wrap the twine around the form tightly until it’s completely covered, then secure the end with more glue. then Attach the Pussy Willows: Insert the stems of the pussy willow branches into the wreath form. If necessary, use hot glue to keep them in place. then, glue a bow from the burlap ribbon to the wreath where you want it positioned. then Attach two or three Easter egg decorations to the wreath, nestling them into the twine or the bow. Attach a loop of twine or ribbon to the back for hanging. The result is a simple yet beautiful wreath that’s perfect for Easter or springtime decor


Twine-Wrapped Bunny Decorations

<br><br>mage source<a href=httpswwwpinterestcomskorodumochka>NATALIAНВС<a><br><br>

Materials: Twine, hot glue, scissors, felt, ribbon, decorative flowers/buttons.Bunny Shape: Use cardboard cutouts or objects in a bunny shape as a base.

: Use cardboard cutouts or objects in a bunny shape as a base. then Glue and wrap twine around the base tightly. Cut felt for ears and glue onto the head. Add a ribbon bow and flowers/buttons for detail. Base: If necessary, add a base to stand the bunnies up.


Easter Wreath with Bird Decoration

image source:Dreamy Decoration

Materials: Get a wreath form, twine, artificial flowers, Easter egg decorations, a decorative bird, pearl-headed pins, and a hot glue gun

Wrap the wreath form with twine, securing it with glue. Add Decorations: Glue flowers, eggs, and pearl-headed pins onto the wreath. then Attach the decorative bird onto the wreath  Use a length of twine to hang the wreath..This creates a festive Easter wreath with a touch of spring charm


Easter Bunny hat wall hanger

Image source:Southern Crush at Home ~ Seasonal Crafts, Recipes, & Home Decor

Materials: A straw hat, blue and white checkered fabric for ears, artificial blue flowers, ribbon, paint or markers for the face, and pipe cleaners for whiskers.

Cut ear shapes from the fabric and attach them to the top of the hat to resemble bunny ears. then  Paint or use markers to draw the bunny’s face on the hat’s brim. Then attach pipe cleaners for whiskers and a small pink pompom or button for the nose. Then tie a ribbon bow below the bunny’s chin. Affix a loop of ribbon or string to the back of the hat for hanging.


Bunny Rope wreath

image source:Diana Abrok

Materials: You need thick cotton rope, burlap ribbon, dried flowers or wheat stalks, and a hot glue gun.

 Shape the rope into a circle, securing the ends together with glue. Twist or braid additional lengths of rope into ear shapes and attach them to the top of the wreath with glue. Glue a burlap ribbon bow at the point where the ears meet the wreath. Tuck in dried flowers or wheat stalks behind the bow. Attach a loop of rope or ribbon to the back for hanging. The result is a rustic and charming bunny-shaped wreath ideal for spring or Easter decor.


Easter Egg tree

image source:Vicki Jolliff

Materials: Gather a small tree branch, a vase or pot to hold it, plaster or stones for stability, materials: Gather a small tree branch, a vase or pot to hold it, plaster or stones for stability, decorative Easter eggs, craft paint, green crafting moss, and small bird or nest decorations.

 Paint the branch white or another light spring color and let it dry, then  Place the branch in the vase or pot and secure it with plaster or stones to keep it upright. then  Hang decorative Easter eggs on the branches using ribbons or hooks. then  Cover the base inside the pot with green crafting moss to resemble grass. then  Place small bird or nest decorations within the moss at the base of the tree.


Spring time easter Egg wreath

image source:Lraedesign

Materials: You will need a foam wreath form, faux speckled eggs, artificial spring flowers, berry sprigs, a ribbon for the bow, and a hot glue gun.

Glue faux-speckled eggs around the wreath form, spacing them evenly. then Fill in the spaces between the eggs with artificial spring flowers and berry sprigs, securing them with hot glue. Make a bow from the ribbon and attach it to the bottom of the wreath. Attach a ribbon or a loop of twine to the top of the wreath for hanging. This results in a colorful and festive wreath that’s perfect for Easter and the spring season.


Easter chick wreath

image source:rullo tiziana

Materials: A foam wreath form, yellow yarn, felt sheets in various colors, a small yellow pom-pom, googly eyes, ribbon for the bow, craft glue, and scissors.

Cover a foam wreath form with yellow yarn, gluing ends to secure. then Cut colored felt into various flower shapes and leaves. Glue a yellow pom-pom onto the wreath for the chick, and add googly eyes and a felt beak. Affix felt flowers and leaves to the bottom of the wreath. then: Tie a ribbon bow, attach it to the top, and add a “Happy Easter” felt message. Fix a loop of yarn or ribbon behind to hang.


Spring Easter Wreath

Image source : Jana 2013

 Use a circular foam or vine wreath form. Wrap with burlap, then attach artificial flowers and greenery.Then add small decorative bunnies and Easter egg ornaments. then Attach a decorative butterfly to the burlap at the top. Use twine or a ribbon looped at the top for hanging.


Easter bunny floral decoration

image source :Magic_Home_Handmade

Cut Bunny Shape: From a large piece of wood or thick cardboard, cut out a bunny silhouette. then Paint the bunny white or another pastel Easter color. then At the base of the bunny cutout, arrange and glue a selection of artificial flowers and foliage. and  Add one or two decorative Easter eggs among the flowers. then  Tie a decorative ribbon into a bow and attach it at the neck of the bunny silhouette.Place it as a freestanding decoration or add a hanging mechanism on the back.


Easter Bunny Decoration with Nest

image source: Kelly Allen

Materials: You’ll need cardboard or wood for the bunny shape, craft paint, a small wreath or nest, decorative Easter eggs, artificial flowers, ribbon for the bow, and a hot glue gun.

Cut out the bunny shape from your chosen material. and Paint the bunny in a brown or desired color. then  Use a small pre-made nest or fashion one from twigs and straw. Glue the bunny to the back of the nest so it stands upright. and  Place decorative eggs and flowers in the nest. then Tie a ribbon into a bow and attach it to the bunny’s neck. Add any additional small details like eyes, nose, or whiskers to the bunny.


Easter egg tree with a Bunny

image source:Graciela Isela

Materials: You need a branch with several twigs, a vase, decorative Easter eggs, ribbons or strings to hang eggs, a plush bunny, and possibly some floral decorations or moss to dress the base.

 Find a suitable branch and place it in the vase. If necessary, use stones or sand to stabilize it. then Attach ribbons or strings to the decorative eggs and hang them from the twigs. and Place the plush bunny near the base of the tree. Optionally, add moss or flowers around the vase for extra decoration. This creates a festive Easter display perfect for a centerpiece or decoration.


Pussy Willow Easter Egg Tree

image source:Éva Nagy-Kálózdi

Materials Needed: Gather a bunch of pussy willow branches, a vase, decorative fabric or burlap-covered Easter eggs, and ribbon.

Prepare the Branches: Arrange the pussy willow branches in the vase. Secure them if needed with floral foam or stones. then  Hang the fabric-covered Easter eggs among the branches. You can use ribbons to tie them securely and Adorn the vase with a matching ribbon, tying it into a bow for a decorative touch. Adjust the placement of eggs and branches until you have a pleasing, balanced arrangement.

This creates a charming Easter-themed display that combines the natural beauty of spring branches with festive Easter eggs.


Burlap Bunny Easter Wreath

image source:Katika Poór

Materials: You’ll need a foam wreath form, burlap fabric or ribbon, a wooden bunny cutout, artificial flowers, pussy willow branches, and a ribbon for hanging

Wrap the foam wreath form with burlap, securing it with pins or hot glue. Affix the wooden bunny cutout to the wreath, using hot glue or another strong adhesive.

artificial flowers and pussy willow branches around the wreath, gluing them in place for a spring look. then Tie a ribbon into a bow and attach it to the bottom or side of the wreath  Attach a piece of ribbon or twine to the back of the wreath form for hanging.This creates a festive and rustic decoration perfect for Easter.


Easter Centerpiece with Bunny and Florals

image source:Betty Sp

Materials: A wooden slice, a faux bunny figurine, artificial flowers, a small bird decoration, a butterfly ornament, decorative Easter eggs, crafting moss, and a thin branch or wire for the arch.

 Place the wooden slice as the base.: Set the faux bunny on the wooden slice. Arrange artificial flowers around the bunny, securing them with hot glue if necessary. Set the faux bunny on the wooden slice. Arrange artificial flowers around the bunny, securing them with hot glue if necessary. Place crafting moss to form a nest and add decorative Easter eggs. Insert a thin branch or wire into the wooden slice to create an arch and decorate it with the bird and butterfly. Adjust the decorations to ensure they are securely placed and visually balanced.


Easter Floral Arrangement with Bunny Accents

Materials: You’ll need a decorative basket or box, floral foam, artificial succulents, flowers in spring colors, speckled Easter eggs, small bunny figurines, and a “Spring” sign

Place floral foam inside the basket or box to provide a base for the items. then Insert artificial succulents and flowers into the floral foam, covering it completely and creating a full, lush look. Nestle speckled Easter eggs throughout the floral arrangement. then  Set small bunny figurines among the flowers and eggs. Add a “Spring” sign or similar decoration sticking out of the arrangement. Adjust the arrangement as needed for fullness and balance. This centerpiece combines the freshness of spring florals with Easter-themed decorations for a festive display.


Easter Bunny Wreath

image source :Michele Foster

Use a wire wreath frame as the base. Wrap rope, yarn, or thick twine around the entire frame tightly, ensuring that the frame is fully covered and that the rope is secure. Create two long ear shapes using a sturdy wire that can hold the shape. Wrap the rope or yarn around these wire ears just as you did with the wreath frame, and attach them securely to the top of the wreath frame. Attach white fluffy material or felt cut in the shape of cheeks and a nose to the lower part of the wreath. Above the cheeks, add two smaller circles (possibly made of felt or other material) for the eyes. then Use artificial flowers and foliage to decorate one side of the wreath. These can be attached with floral wire or a hot glue gun. Fix a piece of rope or ribbon at the back of the wreath to hang it on a door or wall.This is a general guide and can be customized with different materials and decorations according to personal preference.


Easter rabbit wreath from long ears 

image source: Shannon Wahl

 Start with a double-ring wreath form made from natural vines or flexible twigs for a rustic look. You might use a premade form or create your own by bending and twisting the materials into two connected circular shapes. Then use wire to form two ear shapes, and then wrap them with a material like ribbon, burlap, or fabric in a color of your choice. In the example, pink fabric is used to mimic the inside of a bunny’s ears. Attach these to the top of your wreath form with floral wire or hot glue. Place artificial flowers, such as the red ones seen in the image, around the wreath which you find aesthetically pleasing, typically at the bottom or on one side. Add some artificial greenery to give it a fuller look. You can add Easter-themed decorations such as painted eggs, berries, or any other colorful elements. These can be attached with floral wire or hot glue. Make a bow from a festive ribbon and attach it to the wreath, as seen in the image, which adds a playful and colorful touch. Add any additional embellishments you desire and secure a ribbon or a piece of twine at the back to hang the wreath.

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