Untold Story of Nature’s Witches and Their Magical World

In a world filled with wonders, there were special beings known as witches. These witches were not just ordinary people; they were healers, blessed with the knowledge of nature and its hidden powers. They understood the language of the air, the sky, the water, the trees, and even the tiny herbs. They could hear the songs of the birds and feel the rhythm of nature in their hearts. With these gifts, they healed the world, helping those hurt by disasters and bringing harmony between nature and people.

But, as time passed, some people began to misunderstand these kind-hearted witches. They started to see them not as helpers but as something to be feared. They called them devils and believed they had dangerous powers. This fear led to some sad stories being told about the witches, painting them as cruel and ugly beings in fairy tales. These stories made people more and more afraid.

This fear turned into cruelty towards the witches. Some witches, hurt by how they were treated, began to use their powers against people. But, there were still many witches who chose peace. They hid their true selves and lived quietly among the people. Even though they had to keep their magic a secret, they never stopped doing what they loved most: healing others and caring for the world.

I always think, if I could choose, I would want to be one of these healing witches, not a princess in a castle. Being a witch means having the power to make the world a better place, to heal, and to understand the magic around us.

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